Nandgaon is a typical village where women have defined roles like cooking, cleaning, taking care of household etc. The girls are trained from a very young age into this role and some are never sent to school. Many are married even before they turn 15.

OurBhaktivadentaVaishnaviGurukula School (BVGS) is an attempt to educate girlsin primary education. This will enable them to be literate and independent. The school initially started in a rented two-room house in the village, with 20 girls attending. Seeing the enthusiasm of the girls to study, we expanded. Currently we are operating out of a rented building with 5 rooms in Nandgaon where we provide free education to 100 girls.

An educated girl can empower herself, help her family, lift her society, and change the world.

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Midday Meals

Most of the girls attending the school were from impoverished backgrounds, some even begging.

We saw that many girls were malnourished and understood the need of starting a meal program. Along with studies, BVGS has set up a mid-day meal program called Naivedyam, where nutritious lunch is provided to the girls daily.

This not only gave the girls a wholesome meal every day but also encouraged them to come to school.

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Vocational Training

Most of the girls attending the school were from impoverished backgrounds, some even begging.

In today’s competitive world, it is very important to have special skills to survive, especially for women. Under our KaushalVidya Program, 100 girls of nandgaonare being trained in fields like classical dance, martial arts, drawing and painting, music, embroidery, stitching, henna work, baking etc. This will provide them an added skill along with their education that would open more employment opportunities for them. This will also enable them to start businesses of their own in the future.

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Cow Protection

We are currently encouraging our students and other villagers to keep cows. We have a cow seva centre located at RadhaKunda that we support. This centre takes care of sick, injured and abandoned cows. We plan to start a self sustainable local cow care centre in the near future that would set example for others, eradicating the myth that cow keeping is a liability.

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