Help In Her Education


My name is Ruchi Lohkana. I’m 11 years old. I live in the village of Nandgaon. My mother’s name is Suta Lohkana and my father’s name is Satveer Lohkana. My father is a truck driver, he is always away for 2-3 months and he only spend 1-2 weeks with us. I have two brothers; Manish is 5 yrs. old and Krishna is 7 yrs. old. I also have 2 sisters; Ritu is 10 yrs. old and Rekha is 15 yrs. old. All of my brothers and sisters doesn’t go to school, they don’t know how to read and write. Our parents couldn’t afford to give us education. I was so fortunate when i was chosen to get free education at Bhaktivedanta Vaishnavi Gurukula. Our school provided us with free delicious vegetarian lunch everyday and they also take care of our school supplies; such as notebooks, textbooks, ball pens, pencils, papers and school uniforms for summer and winter season. I help my mother in household chores and I practice mantra meditation everyday. My favorite subjects are English, Mathematics and Environmental Studies. I come to embroidery and dance classes every Saturday. I wanted to become a teacher someday so I can also teach the poor children in our village and around Vrindavan. I would like to thank my sponsor, Mr. Sundar Kanhai Prabhu.

You can also help my sisters and other girls in our village to get education by sponsoring them. Thank you so much to all your kindness.