School feeding is a great tool to encourage education and provide food aid to children born in impoverished situations. The Bhaktivedanta Vaishnavi Gurukula free midday meal feeding program does not only fills stomachs, but has a proven track record of boosting enrollment, attendance and academic performance.

Let us reach out and touch another human being not just with our hands but with our hearts.



The Age of Quarrel

In the iron age of hypocrisy,

The war against the weak goes continuously                                                   Can’t you smell the bodies burning?

Taste of death in the air

Not for a cause but just for greed
Mad scientist experiment on torture and in pain                                       Murdering the helpless who’s this meant to gain                                         Polluting creation, the air, the land and the sea                                   Making the world a hell of toxic misery
For the benefit of man                                                                                       They interfere with nature’s plan                                                                     Can you tell me what is going on?                                                                    

Stand and fight for a brighter day
Say no to war. Save the children.

Bhaktivedanta Vaishnavi Gurukula (Nandgaon) joins the 2nd GreenFaith Summit in New Delhi  

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The second anniversary of GreenFaith conference was held last May 30 at Indian Research Academy in New Delhi. Three global interfaith organizations, The Bhumi Project, Eco-Sikh and Islamic Relief-India prepared and organized this multi-faith celebration of “Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust”  to show unity within faith groups working on climate change. GreenFaith is one of the oldest organizations in the United States. It was founded by Jewish and Christian leaders in New Jersey.  They believe communities needed an organization to connect religious traditions with the environment.
   Raghunath Das, the chief coordinator of the Department of Resource Generation and Public Relations of Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School (Vrindavan) and the director of Bhaktivedanta Vaishnavi Gurukula (Nandgaon) represents The Bhumi Project as one of the guest speakers of the conference. He started his speech by citing the first verse of Sri Isopanisad, “isavasyam idam sarvam…….” he said, the earth and its inhabitants are suffering because of the greed of the humankind. He then gave an introduction about BGIS- Vrindavan and mentioned its accomplishments and ongoing projects. He spoke about the need for vrindavan reforestation, to uphold strict monitoring and control on land use and concrete construction in Vraj; the poor waste management system, the clean-up drive in Yamuna river and water level raise, rain water reservoirs and the restoration of natural kunds in Vrindavan. He also added to ban the plastic in vrindavan or minimize its use. He promoted the benefits of cow based agriculture and the use of alternative energy resources such as sunlight, cow dung cakes, and ecological parks. He told that there is an urgent need to pass a law for protection of animals and specifically the cows from slaughter and abuse. Raghunath prabhu introduces the Project-Krish. He explains that Krish means “cultivation” and its aim is to cultivate and protect the village and rural culture. He said that Project-Krish is working to develop a role model village community which focuses on education and vocational training for the girls. Other initiatives by Project-Krish includes cow protection, organic farming and on nature friendly technology in villages.
   He concluded his talks by quoting the invocation of Sri Isopanisad, “om purna madhah, purnam idam…….” the world was perfect and complete. We have spoiled it and we need to come together to save our future generation. The conference was participated by the leaders from different academic, governmental, business and religious environmental sectors.