Mrs. Namita Gautam from Sleepwell Foundation donated ten computers to the Bhaktivedanta Vaisnavi Gurukul (BVG)
in Nandgaon. The girls will be given equal opportunity to learn how to use and operate computers. This will help them improve and enhance their skills in mathematics, basic calculation and English. Providing the girls with practical computer knowledge will sparks the children’s interest towards learning and better attendance in school. There will be special computer classes this summer for the higher grade students and the BVG will also give evening classes for the local village girls.


Purusha Suktam and Sri Suktam Homa Ceremony


April 6, 2017 – The girls of Bhaktivedanta Vaishnavi Gurukula were greatly blessed by the performance of Purusha Suktam and Sri Suktam homa early this morning in Nandgaon. The fire sacrifice was officiated by His Grace Priti Vardan prabhu, the Dean of Bhaktivedanta Academy and the Mayapur Gurukul boys headed by their Principal, His Grace Krishna Chaitanya prabhu. The puja homa was dedicated for the good fortune of Bhaktivedanta Vaisnavi Gurukul students and for the start of their new school year session. Mr. Nayar from Sleepwell Foundation attended the ceremony on behalf of Mrs.Namita Gautam. Mrs.Gautam has sponsored the computer lab for our school last year in 2016.
The feast was organised by Mr Kalhan Matoo from Mumbai.
We wish to conduct this as a big event next year and would love to have more wellwisher to be present at the ceremony.

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