Education can be a mechanism to uplift families and communities out of the cycle of poverty. Education is an indispensable basic right for every children. The right to education is essential for the social, economic and cultural societies. Education is required to build up one’s personality and identity, as well as her psycho-physical capabilities. It also contributes to the prosperity of individuality by enhancement of social assimilation.

Good education has an elevating effect on other facet of society that may seem isolated, such as child labor, childhood marriage, prenatal deaths, sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation . By proper education we can avoid these social issues which affect the poverty stricken sections of our communities, specifically young girls. The connection between poverty and education is multifarious, but we know that education helps people make better choice about their children, their livelihoods and the way they live. Education will improve a person’s quality of life. Education is a potent device to make the world a better place.

Education must be accessible to all children without any discrimination. All children must be able to go to school, and thereby benefit from the same opportunity to build a future. Providing good quality education to the children will help them attain their objectives in lives. Increasing their awareness level in social issues will give them the power to dream of a better future and the self-reliance needed to pursue and continue their education. When we educate a women ,we educate the whole family. Educated women are the foundation for the progress of community.This will benefit the generations to come.

Let us make a difference now! Please support an underprivileged girl child in her education.



The Bhaktivedanta Vaisnavi Gurukul (BVG) skill training program will help develop women’s self-esteem and confidence. It will nurture the young girls potential and ability to achieve their goals. This will help raise women’s awareness levels. They will also learn to share informations, skills and experiences and build up a sense of pride within themselves and their culture. As of now we have 4 volunteers from underprivileged background who come every Saturday to teach the students on marshal arts, mehandi, drawings, singing and playing musical instruments. The girls will also learn the odissa dance, embroidery, yoga, drama and other things.

Through the BVG skill training, a girl child will be given a chance to exhibit her capabilities. During their weekend sessions, our students showed a lot of enthusiasm to learn different things. They are more diligent, hardworking and consistent in their effort towards anything. The students can be guided according to their interest and inclination. One participant in a music class, Anjali who is learning to play harmonium said, “I want to be a part of mataji kirtan group in Srila Prabhupad samadhi mandir and sing for the pleasure of Lord Krishna and Lord Balaram.”

“When a women is educated and empowered, we assured a better life for herself.”



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Even though the government implemented free education program across the county, the difficult financial situation of the poor children oblige them to work and earn a living rather than receiving education.  A huge part of our society prefers to engage their children to earn an income for the family rather than sending their daughters to school. In such a socio-economic situation, food plays a considerable role.  The  Bhaktivedanta Vaisnavi Gurukul (BVG) , aside from providing free education to  underprivileged young girls has its free Mid-Day Meal for every students during school days.

The BVG Midday meal program helps sustain the constant attendance in school and the continuation of education are ensured among those students hailing from poor families in rural areas. The compelling needs of poverty of their families do not deprive them  away from going to school everyday. The food which being serve to students ensure better nutrition, health and well-being of such children. This will eliminate classroom hunger and enhance daily attendance. It also improves in retention, learning ability and achivement.

Please help us to continue feeding our students by sponsoring our Midday program. Hare Krishna!

Every act of compassion and love elevates the positive vibration of the entire universe.



Education plays a vital part to combat poverty.  The poor condition of the people living in the villages requires time, patience, and desire to change their situation. Providing good education and vocatonal training will completely transform the mind and personality of an individual and helps achieve positive results and attitudes towards life. It makes a person spiritually, intellectually, socially and mentally strong. Every child has their own dreams to make a difference in their lives. When a poor children gets a basic education, then there’s a great chance to break the cycle of poverty.

The Bhaktivedanta Vaisnavi Gurukul  (BVG) will be an essential tool for acquiring a bright future for the hopeless children who grew up in poverty-stricken villages and rural areas.  Combining  spiritual and academic education and developing the skills of the children makes them fit for livelihood. It prepares them to face the challenges of modern society while upholding to their deep rooted traditional spiritual culture.

The BVG aims to develop the skills of women  in the villages and help them to be self-employed and guarantee the children a basic livelihood once they  come out after completing their education. In this way the poverty in rural areas will be eradicated and the human living standards will improve.